Hey guys! I made a list of some of my favorite songs that make me feel better, stronger. You know strong female anthem songs. Enjoy!

My Church- Maren Morris

That’s my girl-Fifth Harmony

Hell no-Ingrid Michealson

Shake it off-Taylor Swift


Fight song-Rachel Platten

I narrowed it down to 6 because the list could go on and on. What are some songs that cheer you up and make you feel stronger? Let me know in the comments! -Amy

Blogmas Day 8: Something different for Friday!

Blogmas Day 8: Something different for Friday!

I was gonna write about my excitement about Fuller house season two, but I decided to write something else. Enjoy! -Amy

I was listening to this song today on the radio. I thought of you instantly. I’m not sure why. You just popped into my head. So quickly. Like a flash. All these feelings from we first met to now. All of it came back. I was thinking we could do a cover of the song and I was daydreaming while driving on the highway. So many cars but I’m thinking of you. Wishing you would be at my front door. Like one of Taylor Swift’s songs where you show up and we kiss and everything is okay. Everything makes sense. Does it? Are we meant to be? I was thinking about how I want to keep you in my life. Maybe as friends or something more. Not sure. But you’re in Nashville on this wild ride. And I’m here trying to figure us out.

Blogmas Day 7: My Hairspray Live review

Blogmas Day 7: My Hairspray Live review

Last night I watched Hairspray Live! You know from yesterdays blog that Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals. Last night was amazing! Everyone was so good! Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Chenoweth, Ariana Grande, all so good! The only disappointment for me was that the person who played Link Larkin was very squeaky. His singing voice sounded like he was going through puberty. I kept thinking that Matthew Morrison was somewhere and was not happy. But all in all it was so very good. I didn’t watch the whole thing though because I had to get up early for work. I give this musical 5 stars!!!

Did you watch Hairspray live? What was your favorite song? Did you think Link did a good job? Let me know in the comments! -Amy

Blogmas Day 6: Hairspray Live!!!

Blogmas Day 6: Hairspray Live!!!

Tonight on NBC is Hairspray Live!!!! I first saw Hairspray back in March of 2002 with my friend Allison. I immediately fell in love with the story and the music. It was the first broadway musical that I actually liked. It also helped that Matthew Morrison was adorable as Link Larkin. Anyways, I’m so excited to watch it tonight! I have very high expectations which maybe either good or bad. But you can’t mess up Hairspray! Can you? Unless you casted someone who couldn’t sing or dance or whatever. I will be live tweeting the whole thing tonight on my twitter @amycat728. Be sure to follow me there at around 8pm eastern time. We can watch together!!!

Do you have any favorite broadway musicals? Was it made into a movie or done live on tv? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Let me know in the comments! -Amy

Blogmas day 5: GLITTER PANTS!!!

Blogmas day 5: GLITTER PANTS!!!

So I get home today from work and hop onto my laptop as per usual. I was on pinterest when I came across the most amazing thing ever….GLITTER PANTS!!!!!  I  know its amazing!!! I had to get myself a pair immediately. I am so going to wear them on Christmas eve! So festive and sparkly of course! I’m using way too many exclamation points but I’m not sorry about it! HHAHA! Anyways, I am going to do a follow up blog on how to wear them and how I styled them and all that jazz. I’m way to excited about this.

Is there any purchase that you’ve ever made on a whim? Something that you just had to have? Let me know in the comments! -Amy

Blogmas Day 4: My frustrating love life

Blogmas Day 4: My frustrating love life

Current relationship status: single

By single I mean single. By that I mean I spent last Saturday night in bed watching netflix and drinking wine. I like staying in. I’m an introvert so staying in for me is easy. I just wish I had someone to cuddle with. Dating sucks! Finding someone decent is almost next to nothing. I’m so tired of guys that are sex crazed and too nice or too boring. No offense. But its annoying. I just wish I could find someone who can hold a conversation and not want to get in my pants within the first hour of meeting me. It may be frustrating but I am still going. I tell myself that Mr. Right is out there. Maybe going through the same shit I am. He could be right under my nose, I don’t know. I just know that I have to keep living and learning and believing in love. I know its out there. I’ll find it.

Blogmas Day 3: 5 youtubers I am currently obsessing over

Blogmas Day 3: 5 youtubers I am currently obsessing over

This is  a list of five youtubers that I am currently obsessing over. If one or all five of you are reading this, I mean every word. Love you guys!!! -Amy

1.) Gabi Demartino: her closet, her makeup, hair, everything she does i find so amazing. She’s only 21 but she already seems to have life figured out. I admire her. She also loves Audrey Hepburn and so do I! Her relationship with Colin is adorable and she’s just someone I would totally love to hang out with. Her sister Niki is not so bad either. Love their videos.

2.) Rachel Levin- shane dawson introduced me to rclbeauty101 a year ago. I love her! the girl is so fucking creative and makes some amazing content for youtube! Her disney princess videos are the best! I’m so sad that her and Issac broke up but I will continue to love them both no matter what.

3.) Shane Dawson- I will always love shane! He has been in my life since late 2009. He knows all this but when I first started watching him I was going through a rough time and he was one the people that really helped me. He would make me laugh and I would for five minutes not feel any anixety about what I was going through. I thank him so much for that! I love his videos now especially his conspiracy theory ones.

4.) Ingrid Nilsen- Ingrid, where do I start? I love her. I think I love her even more after she came out. She seems so much happier and you can tell in her videos how happy she is! When she interviewed the President and told him that she came out she had a tear in her eye. You can tell that she was so excited and relieved. Anyways, her videos are wonderful. She could make anything such as a pair of old sneakers look amazing with any outfit. She could. For real.

5.) Bethany Mota- Bethany Mota is what I wish I could be. Actually she’s awkward like me so we might be the same person. Maybe. Anyways, I have enjoyed her videos for a while now. She always post really good content that is relatable and is her true self. Also I have a shirt of her’s from her aeropostale line and its so comfy!

Who are five youtubers that you are currently obsessing over? Leave me a comment and tel me why you love them!

Blogmas Day 2-26 things about me

Blogmas Day 2-26 things about me

My roommate tagged me to do this on facebook, so I thought I would post it here. Enjoy!

Twenty-six things about me…
A- Age: 28
B- Biggest fear: the fear of being alone forever.
C- Current time: 12:36pm
D- Drink you last had: water
E- Every day starts with: me getting up.
F- Favorite song: anything by my girl tay swift
G- Ghosts, are they real?  yess
H- Hometown: Westchester,Ny
I- In love with: food.
J- Jealous of: Gabi Demartino’s closet
K- Killed someone?: no
L- Last time you cried?: a while ago.
M- Middle name: Catherine
N- Number of siblings: 4
O- One wish: to find the person i’m supossed to be with
P- Person you last called: my mom
Q- Question you’re always asked: what;s up?, how are you?
R- Reason to smile: christmas
S- Song last sang: all i want for christmas is you
T- Time you woke up: 7:30am
U- Underwear color: light blue ones
V- Vacation destination: hawaii
W- Worst Habit: licking my lips, they’re so chapped right now.
X- X-Rays you’ve had: teeth, and i think my lungs…..
Y- Your favorite food: too many to list.
Z- Zodiac sign: Leo
Nominate 8 people:

1. ) Tash

2.) Bailey

3.)Micheal Buckley

4.) Toby Turner-he won’t stop stalking me on twitter #tamy LOL

5.) PreciousSteph

6.) Nard Dog

7.) Pam

8.) Jim


I know I just named three people from The Office, but I was bored and I felt like it. =]