Blogmas Day 8: Something different for Friday!

Blogmas Day 8: Something different for Friday!

I was gonna write about my excitement about Fuller house season two, but I decided to write something else. Enjoy! -Amy

I was listening to this song today on the radio. I thought of you instantly. I’m not sure why. You just popped into my head. So quickly. Like a flash. All these feelings from we first met to now. All of it came back. I was thinking we could do a cover of the song and I was daydreaming while driving on the highway. So many cars but I’m thinking of you. Wishing you would be at my front door. Like one of Taylor Swift’s songs where you show up and we kiss and everything is okay. Everything makes sense. Does it? Are we meant to be? I was thinking about how I want to keep you in my life. Maybe as friends or something more. Not sure. But you’re in Nashville on this wild ride. And I’m here trying to figure us out.


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