Blogmas Day 3: 5 youtubers I am currently obsessing over

Blogmas Day 3: 5 youtubers I am currently obsessing over

This is  a list of five youtubers that I am currently obsessing over. If one or all five of you are reading this, I mean every word. Love you guys!!! -Amy

1.) Gabi Demartino: her closet, her makeup, hair, everything she does i find so amazing. She’s only 21 but she already seems to have life figured out. I admire her. She also loves Audrey Hepburn and so do I! Her relationship with Colin is adorable and she’s just someone I would totally love to hang out with. Her sister Niki is not so bad either. Love their videos.

2.) Rachel Levin- shane dawson introduced me to rclbeauty101 a year ago. I love her! the girl is so fucking creative and makes some amazing content for youtube! Her disney princess videos are the best! I’m so sad that her and Issac broke up but I will continue to love them both no matter what.

3.) Shane Dawson- I will always love shane! He has been in my life since late 2009. He knows all this but when I first started watching him I was going through a rough time and he was one the people that really helped me. He would make me laugh and I would for five minutes not feel any anixety about what I was going through. I thank him so much for that! I love his videos now especially his conspiracy theory ones.

4.) Ingrid Nilsen- Ingrid, where do I start? I love her. I think I love her even more after she came out. She seems so much happier and you can tell in her videos how happy she is! When she interviewed the President and told him that she came out she had a tear in her eye. You can tell that she was so excited and relieved. Anyways, her videos are wonderful. She could make anything such as a pair of old sneakers look amazing with any outfit. She could. For real.

5.) Bethany Mota- Bethany Mota is what I wish I could be. Actually she’s awkward like me so we might be the same person. Maybe. Anyways, I have enjoyed her videos for a while now. She always post really good content that is relatable and is her true self. Also I have a shirt of her’s from her aeropostale line and its so comfy!

Who are five youtubers that you are currently obsessing over? Leave me a comment and tel me why you love them!


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