Dating SUCKS!

Dating SUCKS!

I have been on so many dating sites. It’s kind of ridiculous. A lot of it was because I wanted my mom to stop prying. And trying to keep her at arms length is almost just as hard because she won’t stop with why I don’t have a date every Saturday night. Trying to make plans every Saturday night is like this annoying chore. A chore that shouldn’t even be one. Saturday night plans should be organic and fun. But enough ranting about my woes with my mother.

Dating SUCKS! After being on a million and one websites I have come to the conclusion that I’m over it. It’s like a job interview. It could go one of three ways. One is it goes really well and we hit it off and plan other dates. Two is it sucks and trying to make conversation is like pulling teeth out. Three is it goes well and you never heard from them again. They completely ghost you.

I don’t want you to think that I’m totally shitting all over love. I love to love. I’m a hopeless romantic. In any relationship that I am in I always give a hundred and ten percent. Even if they said relationship is just a casual hookup and you don’t know that it is one. And I might sound like I am giving up but I am still going. Still looking for that special person who is worth my time. I just wonder if he could hurry up and get here already.




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