Letters from Audrey to Liam-chapter four

Letters from Audrey to Liam-chapter four

Sometimes closure doesn’t have to be about conclusion. It could just be because the situations getting crazy and driving both parties nuts. So you decide to walk away. Its hard. But you know you have to. You hope that somewhere down the road, you could have some kind of reconciliation. For now though, you have to move on. And it might still kill you but you know that it will work itself out. Time will heal wounds and you will find that holy ground once again.


Its been about two weeks since we’ve spoken. I miss you. I miss my best friend. I had to unfriend you because I think its going to help me. The feelings have subsided but that doesn’t mean that I wish I could send you a quick message at 11pm at night. I know I can’t. You’re probably not in that place yet.  You must hate me. I don’t know. But I do miss you. I miss our friendship. I have faith that we will work this out. I know we will. We always do.




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