Letters from Audrey to Liam-chapter 3 continued

Letters from Audrey to Liam-chapter 3 continued

“I bet you’re sitting in your chair by the window looking out at the city and I hope sometimes you wonder about me”

I really thought I was losing you as a friend. I hate that feeling. I’ve been there before and it was not fun. You kept saying “this is stupid lets stop this right now”. I’m sorry for coming to you. How dare I go to Ireland and get lost in the scenery. How dare I tell you how I was feeling. I remember someone once telling me that “you could always come to me for anything, you even said yourself that you feel you could tell me anything and feel judged”. But I know I can’t argue with you about this. What’s crazy is that we were having a fight because I told you I had feelings for you. I told you that I loved you. Its so silly. So stupid. I have to let you be now. I know that.




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