Letters from Audrey to Liam-chapter 3

Letters from Audrey to Liam-chapter 3

The thing about telling someone how you feel could go one or two ways. Okay maybe three ways. Whatever. The first being that they’re understanding and will always be your friend no matter what. The second being shock, and than things get awkward and it comes to you two never speaking again. The third being that they feel the same way. I’ve had all three. The second one being the worst. It’s not like you planned on your feelings coming back. You feel you owe it to yourself and the other person to know how you feel. You hope that he or she will be understanding and will always love you and there for you as a friend.

22 Aug 2016

Well I just told you. I don’t think you’ve read it yet. I hope you take it well. Of course you will. You’re one of my really good friends. There is nothing I can’t tell you. And I know that no matter what happens that we will work this out. Update: all you said was oh. I know its a lot to take in. I understand. Rana said I shouldn’t talk you anymore. She’s probably right. Damn it I hate it when she’s right. I think what I wanted to get out of all this is just to talk through it. I think I just want to know that were still friends. No matter what. 




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