An Open Letter to Amy Poehler and the cast of Parks and Recreation

An Open Letter to Amy Poehler and the cast of Parks and Recreation

Dear Amy Poehler and the rest of the cast of Parks and Recreation, 

On Saturday night, I finished watching your show. I was sad and happy all at the same time. I feel like you guys have become my friends. I have so many things to say to each and every one of you so let’s get started. 

Amy- I read your book Yes Please earlier this year and loved it. When I got to the chapter Lets Build A Park I didn’t know that I was going to be watching Parks and Recreation straight away. You convinced me to watch it and I loved it!!! Thank you thank you times a million for selling this show to me. I love you and hopefully I’ll be seeing you around. I say that like we’re actually friends. But you get the sentiment. 

Rashida-You are a wonderful and beautiful person. I loved Ann’s and Leslie’s friendship. Women really can support each other! 

Chris Pratt- Andy Dwyer is probably one of my favorite people ever. You have made me laugh so many times and watching you be Burt Maklin FBI Agent amazing. Might have to go as him for halloween. 

Aubrey- I got to know you when you made an appearance on In Bed with Joan. You were so funny and the fact that you’re friends with Kathy Griffin is awesome in my book. I loved watching you play April and how she really does have a good heart. But I promise not to tell anyone that. 

Adam-It takes a special person to handle everything that is Leslie Knope. You played Ben with such ease. Leslie and Ben are everything that I want in my future marriage with whomever that may be. 

Nick- I like whiskey. Wood is pretty cool. And I think a good handshake is every important. End of my thank you to you. 

Retta- you can sing like an angel. I don’t know why you’re not on the radio but you should be! Also Donna is pretty bad ass. p.s. Treat yo self! 

Jim-Damn it Jim. You’re hilarious. Jerry/Terry/Larry/Gary always made me laugh so hard. I have too many favorite Jerry/Terry/Larry/Gary moments to even count. One of my favorites though would have to be when he had a fart attack. So funny! 

Rob-Literally, Chris Traeger has made me laugh so many times. I love how healthy and fit he wants to be. Also how positive he is and he always gave off such good vibes. Even though he was almost too perfect of a human being. Oh well. 

Aziz- you have my whole heart. my very first impression of you back in 2010, I found you kind of annoying. You hosted the MTV movie awards and I didn’t get your humor for some reason. Fast forward to now and something happened while I was watching Parks and Rec. I found that I really enjoy you. I even watched two of your comedy specials on netflix. I love how you did a JA Rule reference in your first one. It was so funny! R U L E. sorry i love that song. anyways, you are everything I want in a boyfriend. It’s kind of embarrassing but I kind of have a crush on you. Anyways, Love Master of none, its hilarious. Also the “music video” for “famous” pure gold. 

So I totally think that everyone from the cast of Parks and Rec will read this and be amazed. Or it will be just me that post this. But if by some crazy chance that anyone from the show reads this I mean every word. ❤


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