My PMS playlist

My PMS playlist

As you can imagine by the title, it is that time of the month. And for me when it is the PMS is real. I want to kill everyone that pisses me off and it ain’t pretty. So I decided that I would make a playlist for when you’re in the worst mood and the cramps are awful and all you wanna do is kick something. Enjoy!


overprotected-britney spears

the trailer song-kacey musgraves

gunpowder and lead-miranda lambert

sweet as whole-sara bareilles

f**k you-cee lo

bad blood-taylor swift

beez in the trap-nicki minaj

survivor- destiny’s child

hot n cold-katy perry

so what-pink

stronger-kelly clarkson

So there you have it. A few songs to get you through the worst five days. If you’re suffering like me now just know that everything is going to be okay. And if you feel like you wanna kill someone just get some chocolate or a glass of wine (if you’re of age).


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