My inspiration board

My inspiration board



So over the weekend, I made an inspiration board of people I look up to, quotes I love, and goals. I had so much fun making it that I thought I would break it down for you. Sorry, that sounded weird. Anyways, here is why I choose each person and or quote for my board.


  1. Mindy Kaling-she’s hilarious, smart and someone who can do confidence better than me. I put her on my board to always remind me to be funny and confidence and to never be afraid.
  2. Sarah Jessica Parker-well its Carrie Bradshaw but still. She’s a fashion icon and also someone who is smart and not afraid. You see a theme here right?! Strong women.
  3. Me and my best friend Caroline- We may not talk as much anymore but when we do its like we picked up right where we left off. A friendship like that is something that it worth having and sticking with.
  4. Beyonce-Because she had to be on there. Also she looks amazing in that swim suit so the picture inspires me to go work out everyday!
  5. Taylor Swift-Words can describe how much I love her! She has been in my life for a very long time and in my head we are best friends! She is someone who I can go to for anything, and her music has always been there for me.
  6. Aziz Ansari-I read Amy Poheler’s book Yes Please eariler this year and she convinced me to watch Parks and Recreation. I love that show! And along the way I fell in love with Tom Haverford and Aziz of course. Aziz is pretty much everything I want in a boyfriend. He’s hilarious, smart, charismatic and just all around amazing. I’ve watched his comedy specials on netflix and I could not stop laughing. Also, I love how he made a Ja Rule reference. Amazing.
  7. Michael Buckley- I have known Michael for about eight years now. Well I’ve been watching him on youtube for eight years but you get the point. I look up to him for so many reasons. He has taught me that its okay to still be a work in progress even at his age. When I first met Michael in person in November of 2015, it was like we were kindred spirits or something. We were meant to meet each other and be friends. I could’ve talked to him forever over drinks. I wish we did by the way. Michael has always been someone whom I feel I can talk about anything to. He’s sort of a big part of why I decided to make this inspiration board. Something to keep me motivated and to look at everyone on that board and know that I can be just like them.


  1. Fault in our stars quote- I love everything John Green. That quote from the fault in our stars is everything that I want and believe about love. So simple and beautiful.
  2. Almost famous quote:”write what you want”: When I was writing my college essay I decided to have that quote as the opening. Something about that quote just spoke volumes to me. It says that I don’t care what you think just write anything. Write the truth whatever. Just a powerful statement.
  3. Taylor Swift song lyric “this love is ours”: I love the song “ours” by Taylor Swift a whole lot. So I thought I would put it in the board because I love that song and I love how it says that people will not like but whatever this love is ours. No one elses.
  4. Ten things I hate about you poem: Probably one of my favorite scenes in the movie! The poem has so much heart and emotion. Cat hated pretty much everyone and everything but than this guy came along and changed all that. Here she is telling him that she doesn’t hate him in the end. Love it.



Everything else on my board is a magazine cutout or something personal. Something to keep me going. I hope you enjoyed this. See you next Monday!




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