Starting over an open letter

Starting over an open letter

Dearest reader,

Ever since I was 16 years old, I have loved to write. I would sit in my literature class writing in my journal about the latest teenage angst happenings. I wonder where that journal is now…probably somewhere deep in my closet. Whenever I wrote in the journal it was like a weight was being lifted off of my shoulders, once the words were on the page, my feelings were out in the open. I would feel better afterwards. Lately though, I have put writing aside. Every so often I would start writing and then the next just give up or forget to write.

So I decided to start up again. And this time have a routine, a proper schedule. I will be posting every Monday. Just to start off slow and than see where it goes. Maybe I’ll start posting three time a week. But I will definitely be posting whenever inspiration strikes which I think is the best. Like right now. Just writing this letter to you. The reader. If I have anyone that’s reading this right now. If you are, thanks. And if you’re name is Aziz Ansari jskdhfjkdhjdskhfds I love you you’re amazing. Thanks for reading this. But you’re probably not and thats okay.

I hope you get something out of this blog. I know I will.




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